Friday, March 25, 2011

to my dearest hawa , : )

call me chicken or coward
i'm outta voice
speechless for this,because of you
have i ever tell you beautiful you're in my eyes? your words keep me alive? your laughter soothes me? missing you kills me? your smiles light my day?
....that you're the answer to my prayer
....that i need you badly?
....that i love you deeply?
yours ----> i mean it, forever and ever
ked's story by hlovate

* aku baca sepuloh kali buku nie tak bosan *

p/s : pergh romantis syial..gila lar..mau kawen teros camnie..hahahah
actually title atas tu aku tukar patutnya ' to my dearest nawal '
ape salah terperasan sikijap?
quotes by hlovate in ked's story