Thursday, March 17, 2011

quotes bikin jatuh hati

if you're speaking , no matter how slow , i will listen to you
if you can't talk on the phone , i'll come directly to see you
if you're walking,no matter how slow , i'll walk with you
i may not be helpful now but one day,
i want to give help to you.
our feelings are connected , so i dont think we live in separate worlds..

-Asou Haruto
'1 litre of tears '

p/s : quotes nie buat aku fall in love ngan hero dia : )

* happy birthday my BFF Zulfah Hanum *


  1. jtuh ati ngan pnulis skrip la pt0tnyee..!! huhu~

  2. tapi yang cakapnye heronye..hahaha