Wednesday, April 13, 2011

frustrated and helpless

im not as brilliant as Einstein
im not as clever as my friends that got many A's in their SPM's result
i've just got 'Alhamdulillah' not a 'wow' from others people
im not as beautiful as Snow White yet i still have my parents that always fill up my emptiness

im so sorry looking my father's face when he came back from his work
im so sorry because let my parents saw others people success but im not
im so sorry let my father gave encouragement to other people
im so sorry let my father helped others people to be successful but im not
im so sorry let my father smiled at me to give back my soul when im almost losing it
im so sorry let my father tired to earns our livelihood
im so sorry let my fathers talked and adviced about scholarship towards my friends
but im not deserved to get any scholarship yet my achievement is not as good as my friend's

im so dissapointed when all my friends talked about their achievement
yet i thought that im so bad
im so jealous when all my friends talked about their scholarship , interviewing moment

i hated it when they got all but im not
i hated it when im crying alone in my messy room
i hated it when my friends got their presents as they are deserved
i hated it when my friends gave their empathy face to me
i hated it all yet im still smile like nothings gonna happened
i hated it when im forcing my smile to others people
i hated it when im smiling like hypocrite
its awful..

i believed that 'rezeki' is everywhere that i've to find
i know that Allah knows the best for me
i believe in Allah..

setiap manusia ada satu je zaman kegemilangan,hanya Allah yang tahu bila zaman kegemilangan setiap manusia,dan hidup manusia macam roda,di bawah dan di atas..
yang di atas akan jatuh dan yang di bawah hendaklah berusaha untuk naik ke atas..

by Ustadz Tolhah

* i just hope all the things will go the way i want *


  1. hawa sngat like kate2 kau tuu..huhuu..seriously it comes from ur heart ryte? i admit,i'm touched..

  2. yhanx meh..aku mmg tga sedey skang nie

  3. rzeki akn dtg jugak 1 day 4 sure . jgn give up . sme2 kite doa ye hawe :))

  4. rezeki ada di mana2..ALLAH taw yg terbaek tok kita hawa..juz try the best n pray