Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday an :P

huhu :)
Happy Birthday to my beloved friend :)

thank you for being a good friend for me since i am in Form 2
thank you for your commented about my muslimah thingy
i think you are the one that concerned about my ABC schedule ;[

you are the very the one bad boy that i ever know
thank you that you've changed yourself to be a good man
from the 'mat ganja' and now you've become a real man

you've teached me about life
do not ever and never call me 'playgirl'
i hate that!

i am sorry for not being a matured girl
i am sorry for hurting your feelings
i am sorry because i am always sulky when i talked with you in phone

you are deserve to get a good woman besides me
i hoped that you're never let yourself turned back again in your past
dont ever and never touch that ganja thingy,and your cigarette again

i am always pray to Allah that you will get a good wife
family and future
and live well

i love you as a friend
may Allah blessed you..

* happy birthday AN!! *

p/s : aku ingat ye birthday hang..
aku da siap buat alarm lagi kat calendar phone aku
INGAT!! jodoh di tangan Allah :)
sorry kalau grammar hancuss =='

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