Friday, April 27, 2012

already miss it

finally im home :)
semalam habis paper chemistry, and i've done my super duper best

a very zillion thank you to all my lecturers

chemistry : madam maizuyah :)
physics : miss lim, sir hanafi and sir saiful
mathematics : madam baiti, madam rohani, madam tan kim leng
computer science : madam norhana, sir kean and madam tengku aziah
english : madam kumuthini

million thank you and love to all my classmates SM2K3P2

biggest hugs and kisses for
my roomates, zuzu, alya, syiqin and  wana

and biggest thanks to all my friends in KMS 

*i love u all*

p/s : mood blogging tak berapa nak bergelora ;)
im now ex-KMS-ian ;)
oh ye, handphone aku hilang :p

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